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Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F&AM

WB Jacob Mann

Past Master WB Jacob Mann

Broad Ripple Lodge taught me how quickly men can become close friends, and form lifelong bonds. I feel I’ve known many of my fellow masons for a much longer time than I have actually been involved.

WB Michael Walkup

Past Master WB Michael Walkup

I came to the lodge because I was looking for answers and found a family.

WB Lee Hargitt III

Past Master WB Lee Hargitt III

I have been a member here for many years. I have made some of my best friends in life at this Lodge

WB Brian Ross

Worshipful Master Brian Ross

An excellent place to find some good and true life long friends.

Entered Apprentice with Legacy

Entered Apprentice with Legacy

Tonight we welcomed the Rose family, and the newest EA for Broad Ripple Lodge. Raphael is currently the youngest Entered Apprentice, and was welcomed to the degrees of Masonry with both his father, Bro. Michael Rose and grandfather WBro. John Rose from Brookside #720,...

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Enjoy a night of food, games, and donate blood to the American Red Cross! Open to all Masons, friends, and spouses. Thursday, August 18th Dinner and snacks at 6:30 PM Games begin at 7:15 PM Feel free to bring your favorite games. Please help by signing up for the...

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

I joined a Masonic lodge to make new friends. In this day and age it can be difficult to develop constant predictable relationships with other people. In my life it seemed like every time I made a friend they ended up moving away, I lost interest or they were just too...