Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F&AM Officers for 2022

Meet the officers of Broad Ripple Lodge #643, installed and ready to serve!
(Photo of 2020 Officers)
Brian Ross – Worshipful Master
Steven W. Mayflower – Senior Warden
Zach J. Dudek – Junior Warden
Lee Hargitt, PM – Treasurer
Doug Eckhart, PM – Secretary
Collin Denhart – Senior Deacon
Shinji Takahashi – Junior Deacon
Ryan Ours – Senior Steward
Michael B. DeWitt, PM – Junior Steward
Michael A. Walkup, PM – Tyler
Matthew S. Davis, PM – Chaplin
Dave Reynolds – Marshall
Paul Lee Hargit III, PM – Trustee
Todd Ebert, PM – Trustee
Matthew S. Davis, PM – Trustee

Officer Line Archive

View the lists of officers from previous years below:
2020 / 2021 Officers
Nicholas D. Barber, Worshipful Master
Brian J. Ross, Senior Warden
Steven W. Mayflower, Junior Warden
Paul L. Hargitt, Treasurer
Doug Eckhart, Secretary

Zachary Jon Dudek, Senior Deacon
Collin Denhart, Junior Deacon
Shinji Takahashi, Senior Steward
David Brooks, Junior Steward
Michael Walkup, Tyler
Ryan Ours, Marshal
Mike DeWitt, Chaplain
David E. Brooks, Organist

Paul L. Hargitt, Trustee
Matthew S. Davis, Trustee
Todd M. Ebbert, Trustee

2019 Officers
Gerald M. Lande, Worshipful Master
Nicholas D. Barber, Senior Warden
Brian J. Ross, Junior Warden
Paul L. Hargitt, Treasurer
Benjamin A. Fuhr, Secretary
Steven W. Mayflower, Senior Deacon
Douglas C. Eckhart, Assistant Secretary
Noah A. Rider, Junior Deacon
Zachary Jon Dudek, Senior Steward
Colin R. Denhart, Junior Steward
Jacob R. Scherer, Tyler
Shinji Takahashi, Marshal
Paul L. Hargitt, Trustee
Matthew S. Davis, Trustee
Todd M. Ebbert, Trustee
Jody E. Fedor, Chaplain
David E. Brooks, Organist
2018 Officers
Worshipful Master — Arlie A. Hartman, P.M.
Senior Warden — Gerald M. Lande
Junior Warden — Nicholas D. Barber
Treasurer — P. Lee Hargitt III, P.M.
Secretary — Benjamin A. Fuhr, P.M.
Senior Deacon — Brian J. Ross
Junior Deacon — Steven W. Mayflower
Senior Steward — Noah A. Rider
Junior Steward — Zachary J. Dudek
Tyler — Michael A. Walkup, P.M.
Marshal — Colin R. Denhart
Chaplain — J. Matthew Scherer, P.M.


Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F&AM

WB Michael Walkup

Past Master WB Michael Walkup

I came to the lodge because I was looking for answers and found a family.

WB Brian Ross

Worshipful Master Brian Ross

An excellent place to find some good and true life long friends.

WB Jacob Mann

Past Master WB Jacob Mann

Broad Ripple Lodge taught me how quickly men can become close friends, and form lifelong bonds. I feel I’ve known many of my fellow masons for a much longer time than I have actually been involved.

WB Arlie Hartman

Past Master Arlie Hartman

Where fun and fellowship is had by good men.

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Enjoy a night of food, games, and donate blood to the American Red Cross! Open to all Masons, friends, and spouses. Thursday, August 18th Dinner and snacks at 6:30 PM Games begin at 7:15 PM Feel free to bring your favorite games. Please help by signing up for the...

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

I joined a Masonic lodge to make new friends. In this day and age it can be difficult to develop constant predictable relationships with other people. In my life it seemed like every time I made a friend they ended up moving away, I lost interest or they were just too...

Master’s Welcome to 2022

Master’s Welcome to 2022

Greetings,  My name is Brian Ross and I am the installed Worshipful Master for Broad Ripple Lodge #643. I want to welcome you to our website. I became a member of this lodge in an effort to connect with decent people. You will find good fellowship in our lodge.  We do...