Honorary Members

David W. Bosworth, P.M. *
Timothy R. Brinkmeyer, P.M.
Jerry T. Cowley, P.M. (note 1) *
Dennis R. Davis, P.M.
William J. Curtis, P.M.
James R. Dillman, P.M.
Douglas O. Fegenbush, P.G.M.
Phillip A. Garver, P.M.
John E. Grein, P.G.M.
Robert W. Holler, P.M.
Ralph W. Hook, P.M. *

James A. Hanson, P.M.
Wilson H. Lorick, P.M.
Samuel W. Pierson, P.M. *
Michael R. Ricketts, P.M.
Willard V. Saylor, P.M. (note 2) *
Cecil Taylor, P.M.
John W. Thornburgh, P.G.M. *
Gene E. Wessel, P.M.
Cleon H. Wright, P.M.
Roger S. VanGorden, P.G.M.

* Deceased
§ 50-year Members
¶ Demitted


Note 1: Worshipful Brother Cowley re-affiliated with Broad Ripple Lodge in 1993 after having served as Master of Centre Lodge No. 23 in 1978. He served as Master of Broad Ripple Lodge in 2003.

Note 2: Tendered honorary membership in 2001 while a member of Centre Lodge No. 23, Brother Saylor affiliated with Broad Ripple Lodge by transfer in 2003.