Master’s Welcome to 2022


My name is Brian Ross and I am the installed Worshipful Master for Broad Ripple Lodge #643. I want to welcome you to our website. I became a member of this lodge in an effort to connect with decent people. You will find good fellowship in our lodge. 

We do not claim to be better than other lodges in this city. However, Broad Ripple Lodge is a special lodge. We welcome all religious creeds and political persuasions. Our single goal is to enjoy common fellowship, and reflect on the morals and ethics that help us connect to each other. 

If you’re looking for a place to belong that is very social and welcoming, you have come to the right place. I look forward to seeing you at one of our Thursday night dinners!

WM Brian Ross
Worshipful Master 2022


Brian Ross
WB Brian Ross is the Worshipful Master of Broad Ripple Lodge #643 for the 2022 year. His Senior Warden is Bro Steve Mayflower, and his Junior Warden is Bro Zach Dedek.

Bro Steve Mayflower

Bro Steve Mayflower

I came to Masonry as a way to meet some new friends. But in a short time, my new Brothers and the Lodge became a very important part of my life. The men I admire the most are my Masonic Brothers.

WB Brian Ross

Worshipful Master Brian Ross

An excellent place to find some good and true life long friends.

WB Michael Walkup

Past Master WB Michael Walkup

I came to the lodge because I was looking for answers and found a family.

WB Arlie Hartman

Past Master Arlie Hartman

Where fun and fellowship is had by good men.

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

I joined a Masonic lodge to make new friends. In this day and age it can be difficult to develop constant predictable relationships with other people. In my life it seemed like every time I made a friend they ended up moving away, I lost interest or they were just too...

2019 Fall Festival

2019 Fall Festival

Between the baked potatoes, chili, and appetizers we had options for everyone to enjoy great food and fellowship. The chili was, of course, the star of the day with a wide spread of bubbling pots!