2019 Fall Festival

Hello everyone!

The 2019 fall festival went splendidly!
Between the baked potatoes, chili, and appetizers we had options for everyone to enjoy great food and fellowship. The chili was, of course, the star of the day with a wide spread of bubbling pots!

The scary maze upstairs was made extra scary with the occasional spooky wanderers offering shouts of ‘BOO’ when coming around the last two corners. Classic. The maze was erected and maintained with the hard work and dedication of the craft at Broad Ripple lodge and this humble officer deeply appreciates the work that was put in. We had inverted apple bobbing with some apples dangling from the ceiling, and that was a hit among the kids! 

We had 6 contestants and two awards for the chili cook-off this year! The contestants and their chilis were…

  • David Brooks – ‘Sister Mary’s Out of Body Experience’ chili
  • Noah Rider – ‘When it’s Ready Chili’
  • Ryan Ours – ‘The only chili recipe you’ll ever need’
  • Jacob Scherer – ‘Deer Chili’
  • Jerry Lande – ‘BBQ Chili’
  • Michael Walkup – ‘Three Meat Chili’

The first award decided was the judge’s choice award, and was decided with spectacle of watching the judges randomly try the chilis while blind folded. The competition was fierce this year, so fierce that we had a tie between two chilis. In the end, it was revealed that both of the judges’ favorite chili was Noah Rider’s ‘When It’s Ready Chili. Congratulations brother Rider!

The second award was the grand prize was the people’s choice where we voted on the chili to be crowned the champion of the 2019 cookoff. At the end of the voting there was a three way tie between Jacob Schere’s ‘Deer Chili,’ Jerry Lande’s ‘BBQ chili,’ and Noah Rider’s ‘When It’s Ready Chili.’ After soliciting votes from those who had not voted yet, we came out with a clear winner. The winner of 2019’s Chili Cook-off was Jacob Scherer’s ‘Deer Chili!’ Congratulations, and we look forward to next time! Jaocb’s chili and name will be engraved onto the chili cookoff trophy and displayed just outside the kitchen.

All in all, it was a fantastic time and I want to thank everyone who attended! If anyone has any comments or feedback, I’m always willing to lend with an attentive ear.

Nicholas Barber
Senior Warden, Broad Ripple Lodge #643


Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F&AM

WB Jacob Mann

Past Master WB Jacob Mann

Broad Ripple Lodge taught me how quickly men can become close friends, and form lifelong bonds. I feel I’ve known many of my fellow masons for a much longer time than I have actually been involved.

WB Michael Walkup

Past Master WB Michael Walkup

I came to the lodge because I was looking for answers and found a family.

Bro Steve Mayflower

Bro Steve Mayflower

I came to Masonry as a way to meet some new friends. But in a short time, my new Brothers and the Lodge became a very important part of my life. The men I admire the most are my Masonic Brothers.

WB Lee Hargitt III

Past Master WB Lee Hargitt III

I have been a member here for many years. I have made some of my best friends in life at this Lodge

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