Angel Fund at Work

Broad Ripple Brethren,

I was contacted last Wednesday by the social worker at the Indiana School for the Blind, about a 13 year old blind boy with other disabilities who lives on the campus several days a week. His mother is a single mom struggling to raise three kids. The social worker contacted our Angel Fund because the boy was coming to school with ragged shoes and few clothes — what he had was clean, but threadbare and very limited. She went shopping at Wal-Mart with my authorization and purchased him shoes, a coat, three pairs of pants, tee shirts, long johns and underwear for $125.
This is exactly the sort of situation the Broad Ripple Masonic Angel Fund was created for. Other organizations require bureaucratic paperwork and days or weeks of authorization to get help for a child like this. I was able to get a check within 12 hours of her shopping trip, and less than 24 hours after her first phone call. More important, this relatively small amount of money has made an enormous change in this young man’s daily life. We are designed to keep our assistance in the $250 or less range, not for catastrophic costs, but to buy coats, glasses, books, clothes, shoes, fees — the kinds of things that most other assistance programs won’t bother with.
Thank you all for your ongoing support of the Angel Fund.
Sincerely and most fraternally,
Chris Hodapp


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