Alexander West, Jr., was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 22, 1900, the son of Alexander and Ann West and the brother of Margaret Armentrout and Josephine West. His common school education was received in Indianapolis Public Schools numbers 29 and 32. Following his graduation, he attended Manual Training High School.

He was employed by the Travelers Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. in the capacity of assistant cashier during the years between 1918 and 1922. Following his service with this company, he worked as a painter and decorator with the firm of Coull & West. After the death of Mr. Coull, he entered into partnership with his father under the name of Alexander West & Son in which business he continued for many years. He was married to Maxine Elkins on October 20, 1925. He was a member of the Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church.

Brother West petitioned Broad Ripple Lodge upon arriving at the age of 21, and was elected to receive the degrees of Masonry on September 2, 1921. He was Initiated on September 9; Passed on September 16; and Raised on September 23, 1921. His first appointment was to the office of Tyler for the year 1928. He was appointed Junior Steward for 1930 and after filling the several line chairs with credit was elected to serve as Worshipful Master for the year 1934, and later was a member of our Board of Trustees.

Alex was a member of Broad Ripple Chapter No. 146, R.A.M., and of Broad Ripple Chapter No. 315, O.E.S. and served as High Priest and Worthy Patron, respectively, of these organizations. In addition to these honors, Brother West held the office of Secretary-Treasurer of the Association of Actual Past Masters of Broad Ripple Lodge in addition to that of President of the Marion County Royal Arch Association.

Lodge Events of 1934

Following the previous year’s experience, the Grand Lodge took cognizance of the economic situation then prevailing and authorized the subordinate Lodges to reduce initiation fees where deemed advisable.

The Lodge voted to reduce the fees from sixty dollars to forty-five dollars. The effect was felt when a total of nine candidates filed petitions under the terms of the revised charge during this year.

The gifts of the O.E.S. Auxiliary and Jobs Daughters Organizations during 1933 were duplicated in January of 1934. The Broad Ripple Social Club presented us with a small gas stove for use in the dining room.

It was deemed advisable that the Lodge be protected against accident claims and the Trustees were authorized to carry both Compensation and general liability insurance against such possibilities.

One of the worthwhile accomplishments of the year was the formation of the Lodge Craft Club with its own officers and Constitution and By-Laws. This unit has rendered valuable service to the Lodge through its participation in the ritualistic ceremonies of the second section of the M.M. degree where its work has been outstanding.

During the year the dining room was repaired and adequate washing facilities installed in the men’s room on the second floor.

Occasions having previously arisen when a stage was sorely needed for entertainment purposes in the dining room, the handicap was removed by the authorization and building of a portable stage that could be set up as required. This piece of equipment has been used on numerous occasions and has justified the wisdom of its construction through its utility in allowing the presentation of entertainment otherwise not possible.

The Brethren in recognition of time and effort required of the Treasurer in the discharge of his duties, ordered the By-Laws to be revised to provide for an annual compensation to this officer of $25.00.

The members admitted in 1934 by degrees were:

Denzil F. Adams Walter J. Breidenbach Donald R. Curtis
Bert K. Keitkam Edwin T. Leiper Max. S. Lindberg
Samuel R. Puilen Norbert T. Talbott Harry V. Tutewiler

The following were affiliated:

Sylvester L. Hecathorn Robt. D. Johnson Willis E. Kuhn
Gordon S. Maple Frank E. Pegg