Morris E. Conly, son of Frank and Sarah A. Conly was born at Indianapolis, Indiana on July 18, 1890. The other members of the family were Julia J. and Bertha W., sisters.

He received his common school education in the Indianapolis Public schools having attended schools Nos. 33 and 55. Following graduation he entered Manual Training High School and later completed his education at Shortridge High School.

On January 9, 1915 he was married to Emma B. Homes to which union two sons were born, namely Morris Fredrick and Robert Allen. Morris was engaged in the Real Estate and Insurance business in Broad Ripple and the vicinity for many years.

Brother Conly received the degrees of Masonry in Logan Lodge having been Initiated on February 14,1920; Passed on February 20, 1920; and Raised on February 27, 1920. His interest having become centered in the community of Broad Ripple, he applied for and received his demit from Logan Lodge and on December 4, 1923 became a member of Broad Ripple Lodge.

The degrees of Royal Arch Masonry were conferred upon him by Keystone Chapter but he later demitted in favor of Broad Ripple Chapter where he served as its High Priest during 1931. He was also a member of Broad Ripple Chapter No. 315, O.E.S. In recognition of his interest in Broad Ripple Lodge, Brother Conly was elected to the office of Worshipful Master and held this honor during the year 1933. Following his term as Master, he served on the Board of Trustees for three years.

Lodge Events of 1933

It was during this year, 1933, that the depression reached its lowest ebb and this fact was vividly reflected in the number of candidates elected to membership. Only one new member was raised to the Sublime Degree. A like situation was experienced by all Lodges in the State and nation.

This fact made it necessary that expenses be curtailed and, as a result, no major improvements were authorized.

The Lodge received monetary gifts, from the Jobs Daughters and Auxiliary of the Eastern Star – $5.00 from the former and $50.00 from the latter.

The locks in the various Temple doors were all changed so that the same key would operate them all. This work was done by Brothers Dunham and Flinchpaugh who also made several sets of keys, all without expense to the Lodge. Time having arrived when the lease with the Fletcher Trust Co. had expired, a new contract was entered into with that institution. The new agreement provided for a reduced rental in keeping with the prevailing level of lower prices and was executed to cover a three year period.

One of the outstanding meetings of the year was one dedicated to our charter members. The occasion was observed with ceremonies appropriate to the occasion.

The year was closed after having successfully maintained the Master’s objective of conserving the financial resources of our Lodge during a period when such action demanded adherence to such a retrenchment policy.

The member admitted in 1933 by degrees was:

Craft Moore

The following were affiliated:

Ernest P. Bruce Chas. V. Eichholtz Chas. E. Freeberg
Jacob T. Griffin Emil E. Rugenstein