Charles Van Meter, son of David Alonzo and Larua Van Meter, was born at Frankfort, Kentucky, on December 17, 1893. He was the fourth of six sons, the others being named, David, Aris, Walter, Buford, and James.

His early youth was spent in the state of his birth and it was at Cooks school that he received his education. He later served as an apprentice in order to learn the millwright trade.

At the age of twenty years he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he met and later married Louise Coull. To them were born two sons, Charlie and Joseph and three daughters, Margaret, Virginia, and Jane.

Prior to the close of the World War, Charlie was engaged in several different businesses but at that time he decided to devote his entire attention to plubming and heating. This he did and in 1930, he organized his own company which he has successfully operated since that time.

He and his family were members of the Pleasant View English Lutheran Church where he also served as a Deacon.

Brother Charlie was Initiated into Masonry in Broad Ripple Lodge on April 9, 1920; Passed on April 16; and Raised on April 26. He also received the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry in Broad Ripple Chapter and served as its High Priest during the year 1926. He was also a member of Calvin Prather Council, R.S.M., and served as one of its line officers.

In 1932, he served as the Worshipful Master of Broad Ripple Lodge and the same year received additional Masonic recognition through his election and service as President of the Actual Masters and Wardens Association of Marion County. In 1934 he received the appointment as Deputy Grand Deacon at the Grand Lodge meeting of that year. In 1935, Brother Van Meter was initiated a 32nd Degree Mason in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, N.M.J., Valley of Indianapolis, and was elected first Vice-President of his class.

Charlie was always active in Masonic affairs, untiring in his devotion to the Fraternity, and reflected considerable credit not only to himself but to Broad Ripple Lodge as well.

Lodge Events of 1932

The Past Masters of our Lodge, having grown to number twenty-one living, decided to form a permanent organization in order to better carry on their work. This was a highly desirable movement from several angles and the organization then formed and which functioned for many years was a most decided asset to the Lodge.

This year marked the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of the Father of our Country, Bro. Geo. Washington who was also an eminent patron of our Order. This event was celebrated in our Lodge room in March with appropriate services and the program presented left a lasting impression on those in attendance. A beautiful picture of our First President was presented to the Lodge for this occasion by our Bro. Wm. M. West.

Archie West, son of our deceased brother James West, who had entered the Masonic Home during 1917, was graduated from that institution and enrolled in Franklin College at Franklin, Indiana.

Brother Marion Klusmann, P.M., then our Senior Deacon, having made a trip East to visit the shrine of our beloved and renowned Geo. Washington procured a gavel fashioned of wood from Bro. Washington’s estate and presented it to the Lodge.

The Ladies of the Auxiliary of ,the Eastern Star ordered all draperies cleaned, purchased new blinds for the dining room, and procured new linens for our banquet tables, later in the year.

The effects of the world wide recession in business activity with its resultant increase in unemployment was, for the first time, reflected in the number of applications received for admission into our Order. While heretofore an average of over fifteen new members had been raised during the preceding six years, the number dropped to six for this twelve month period.

The Christmas season was very appropriately observed with an elaborate pageant in which members of Eastern Star collaborated with the Lodge in its successful presentation.

The Lodge now being in the thirty-first year of its existence had a membership of four hundred and ninety-three active members at the close of the years activities, when the following brothers received the degrees:

James A. Burnside, Jr Clarence Bange John Abel
Herbert Hardy Hulett M. Crecelius Fletcher T. Rahke

The following were affiliated:

Carl J. Gakstetter Gerald V. Carrier Walter C. Scofield