Forrest M. Logan was born the son of Marine Ross Logan and Clara Shields Logan on the fifteenth of February, 1883, at Adams, Decatur County, Indiana. It was here that he spent the early days of his youth.

In later life he became engaged in the Civil Engineering profession and was employed by several railroad and construction companies. He married Victorene Riley and to this union, one daughter, Alice, was born.

Forrest was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. At the present time [1937] he is the Director, Federal Emergency Adminstration of Public Works for the state of Indiana.

Brother Logan presented his petition to Broad Ripple Lodge and upon acceptance was Initiated, February 9, 1917; Passed, February 16, 1917; and Raised to the Sublime Degree, February 23, 1917. He later received the Degrees of Royal Arch Masonry, the Council, and Knight Templar. After service in the chairs, he was elected to serve as the Worshipful Master of Broad Ripple Lodge for the year 1929.

Lodge Events of 1929

On January 22, Brother Past Master Arthur F. Hess passed on to the Grand Lodge above and was buried with Masonic Honors.

In conformity with what had almost become a regular procedure, the O.E.S. Auxiliary presented the Lodge with the sum of one hundred dollars early in the year, and a like sum prior to its close to augment its relief fund. These gifts were and are most deeply appreciated by the membership of the Lodge. The worthiness of the cause to which they are given, the motive that prompts them, leave us owing an ever increasing debt of gratitude to those ladies whose generosity seems to know no bounds.

In February a World War service men committee was appointed with Brother Clifford Hatch as chairman to investigate our roster of service men and determine whether or not our records were accurate. They were found to be okay and the group so reported to the Lodge.

Realizing the fact that our beloved Brother Marcellus Jackman, whose portrayal of the sea captain had become recognized as unusual, would not be with us many more years, it was decided that tribute should be paid him by hanging a picture of him in the Tyler’s room. An excellent enlarged likeness of Brother Jackman was secured through the assistance of Brother Jack Ross which portrays him in full regalia and which now still hangs in the entrance to the Lodge room as originally planned.

The ballot box now still used [1937; it has been replaced since, we believe] to determine the fate of applicants for admission was made by Brother Chas. A. Dannenberg and presented to the Lodge on April 5. In June the altar cushions and settees received needed repairs that they might better harmonize with the beauty of the Lodge Room.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral was completed during this year and the Brethren were invited by that organization to attend the open house for all Master Masons on August 15, 16 and 17. Many availed themselves of the opportunity afforded them to visit and inspect this unusual structure.

The members receiving the degrees in 1929 were:

Merle F. Flinn Harry C. Nicholson Wm. E. Spencer
Frank G. Ketchum Russell E. Tolan Clifford F. Tall
Wm. N. White Lester C. Wells Howard E. James
Arthur M. Love Harrell A. Parr Hubert H. Kemp
Harry A. Marley Chas. A. Tennant Wm. J. Bilodeau
Chas. V. Clark Oscar C. Hagemier Victor E. Duggins
Asa R. Markle Alvin J. Caldwell

Those affiliated in 1929 were:

Elmer A. Nichols Edward G. Berkmeyer James Clark
Jewell S. Hadley John O. Howell Hubert T. Swiggett