William D. Moffat, the twenty-second Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born November 15, 1880 at Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland, the son of Robert A. and Isabella D. Moffat, both now deceased. In addition, the family consisted of three brothers, Robert A., John, and James and three sisters namely, Lillias H., Isabella D., and Jessie A. Bill, as he is generally known, comes from a family of devout Masons for his father and brothers were all members of the order and his mother and sisters were initiated into the order of Eastern Star.

His early years were spent in the land of his birth, Scotland, and it was here that he attended grade school until he reached the age of sixteen. After leaving school, he learned the plumbing trade which business he pursued in Scotland until he attained the age of twenty-three.

On June 6, 1903, he sailed for South Africa and landed at Durhin, Notal on June 26. Here he immediately secured employment at his trade. Three years later the pace of building slackened and, finding himself out of employment, he moved north to Pretoria in the Transvaal where he was employed as plumber, clerk in a hardware and grocery store and finally landed on a farm; a farm where he remained for two years.

In February 1909, Bill returned to the land of his birth but did not remain long; for, the following month, he sailed for the United States and settled in Indianapolis where his brother, Robert was then located. A few days after his arrival in Indianapolis he entered the employ of Kingan & Co. with whom his period of service has continued uninterrupted to the present time, his present position [1937] being that of foreman.

On October 30, 1912 he was married to Eva R. Kemper, a native of Indianapolis. They are members of the Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church.

Brother Moffat was initiated in Broad Ripple Lodge on March 9, 1917; Passed, March 16, 1917; and Raised March 23, 1917. He was also a member of Broad Ripple Chapter, R.A.M., Prather Council, R.S.M., and Broad Ripple Chapter O.E.S. He served as the High Priest of his Chapter during 1929. He was elected to the office of Worshipful Master of our Lodge for the year 1925 and demonstrated through his interest and faithfulness, his devotion to his Lodge and to the Order.

Lodge Events of 1925

It was in 1925 that the Lodge sinking fund was established to provide a means of handling the unusual expenses that arise from time to time in the maintenance and improvement of properties and equipment such as ours. We have been indebted to the wisdom of the Brethren who, in 1925, took such a forward step. On several occasions this fund has made possible much needed expenditures that otherwise might have handicapped the smooth financial operation of our organization.

The relief fund was the recipient of a generous contribution of $200.00 which was transferred from the general account and the Ladies rest room was supplied with new furnishings.

On August 28, memorial services were held in memory of our beloved Brother James Mustard to whose benevolence we are indebted for our beautiful Temple. A resolution was also passed that the graves of Brother Mustard and Mrs. Mustard be given more care and attention.

Again the question of remodeling the Temple came to a focus and a committee was again appointed to make a survey of the matter. After a review of the suggested changes had been made, estimates were prepared and submitted to the Brethren but the necessary support was lacking and the proposal was once more rejected.

The Lodge added the following members in 1925:

Everett K. Todd Henry Gramse, Jr. James R. Hagerty
Harry Wm. Croshear Clifford A. Hatch Wm. A. Green
Howard L. Kiser Elmer Watts Herbert R. Gardner
Vinson O. Carter Reuben A. Swanson Geo. W. Cockriel
Russell S. Fate Raymond G. Weiland Earl A. Miller
Edmund J. Rocker Lloyd F. Lincoln Geo. Cornwell
Clarence G. Fischer Ben Wm. Hayworth Jesse N. Ogden
Omer Hawkins

By affiliation:

Paul G. Buddenbaum Chas. C. F. Priesmeyer Wm. Mearns West
Thos. M. White David Clark