Oscar Paul Roetter, the twenty-first Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born at Indianapolis, Indiana, on September 25, 1892, the son of H. N. Roetter and Anna Bills Roetter. When only three years of age his mother died and Paul was given a home by his Great Aunt with whom he lived three years. At the age of six years he was taken to the home of his grandparents where he remained another three years after which he returned to live with his father who had subsequently remarried.

He attended and was graduated from the Indianapolis common schools following which he entered Manual Training High School. Following one years training in this institution, he continued his schooling at Broad Ripple High School. He left school in his Senior year to accept a position with Griffith Brothers Co., wholesale milliners.

It was here that he met Brother James T. Moffitt and the two became fast friends. So impressed were these two young men with the life of Bro. Past Master Wm. T. Moffitt that there was born in them the earnest desire to some day become Masons.

He was married to Bessie Rice on June 28, 1914 and they have been blessed with two daughters, Helen Theckla (March 14, 1916) and Ethel Louise (October 9, 1918). He was employed by the Indianapolis Coal Co. for three years following which he became a moulder at the Nordyke Marmon Co. where his service extended over a period of four years. He then, for two years, served as driver on a city milk route but finding the seven day working week a hardship, sought and obtained employment as shipper for the Morris Packing Co., where he remained until he entered business for himself. He is at present employed in a local retail meat market.

Brother Roetter presented his petition to Broad Ripple Lodge in July 1915 and following acceptance was Initiated, September 15, 1915; Passed, September 22, 1915; and Raised, September 29, 1915. He was appointed Senior Steward for the year 1920. He was a member of Indianapolis Council No. 2, R. & S.M., and Broad Ripple Chapter No. 315, O.E.S. His advancement was rapid for, after four years as a line officer he was elected to serve his Lodge as its Master for the year 1924.

Lodge Events of 1924

This, the twenty-third year in the history of our Lodge, was a difficult one from a financial standpoint, due to the fact that the expensive carpet previously purchased was paid for in full and effected a heavy drain on the treasury. The payments, totaling $1371.35, on this floor covering were made as follows: March, $971.35; April $200.00; May $100.00; and June $100.00. This unusual capital outlay naturally was a source of concern to those entrusted with administering the affairs of the Lodge, and the year was replete with business largely financial.

Realizing the necessity for a more business like method of carrying on its monetary program, the budget system still in vogue was installed during the month of June. The following month, July, motions to revise the by-laws to provide for increases in the dues to seven dollars, and the initiatory fees to sixty dollars was passed. Later, the fee for affiliation was established at five dollars.

Millersville Lodge having applied for concurrent jurisdiction with us, the petition was granted. It has always been a source of satisfaction to us that our relationships with our sister Lodge has been most pleasant.

So many revisions having been made in our by-laws, it was decided to have them printed and at which time they were brought up to date.

It was during this year that the Lodge sponsored the petition to admit Robert and Halbert Price, sons of Brother James Price, to the Masonic Home at Franklin, Indiana.

The lease executed with the Broad Ripple State Bank having expired a new one was entered into with that institution.

Those receiving the degrees in 1924 were:

Bryan B. Wright Louis B. Messang Frank P. Quick
Ferrell A. Brown Donald F. Roberts Chas. H. Terhune
Thos. H. Beecher Claude R. Newhouse Roy C. Woody
Ralph A. Reidy Maurice E. Thornton Edw. E. Tilly
John A. Cross Alexander L. Payne Martin L. Hessong
Avery W. Renwick Clyde F. Conn Paul M. Ray
Chas. Wm. Winkle Clarence E. Longshore Robt. J. Worland
Morris E. Dodd James W. Ross Elza C. Scott
Ragnar F. Stephenson Jacob T. Hill Joseph B. Okey
Harvey W. Ray Fred N. Griffy John F. Payton

These brothers were admitted by affiliation:

Benson R. Williams Ralph E. Bird John J. Leet
Lora E. Tyner