Charles Orville Johnson, twentieth Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born at Indianapolis, Indiana, September 30, 1889. He was the only child of Wm. M. and Dana F. Johnson. The early years of his childhood were spent in Indianapolis where he attended School No. 10, and later in Cincinnati where he was enrolled in the First Intermediate School of that city.

During his vacation periods he worked as an electrician’s helper and became interested in and studied the science of electricity. It was in this business that he became employed at an early age and worked for many years, being associated with the Westinghouse Electrical Supply Company.

At the age of twenty-one, he was married to Wilma Moore and they were blessed with two children: Mable Eileen and Robert Orville. On January 1, 1925, his beloved wife passed into that Peaceful Harbor leaving him with the lone responsibility of caring for his children. He was a member of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, and taught in the church school and served as an usher in the church as well.

In August 1916 he petitioned Broad Ripple Lodge and, on being accepted, was Initiated on September 8; Passed on September 16; and Raised on September 29. He was also a member of Broad Ripple Chapter No. 146, R.A.M. Brother Johnson received his first appointment as a junior officer for the year 1917 and following six years of service as a line officer, served as Worshipful Master during the year 1923.

Lodge events of 1923

The Lodge continued the rapid growth which it had enjoyed since 1913, and during the twelve months of 1923, a total of thirty-one candidates received the degrees.

The Actual Past Masters Association of Marion County having established a Higher Education Foundation Fund, an appeal was sent to the various Lodges for contributions to this noble cause. Broad Ripple Lodge responded with the same generosity that has characterized it on various other occasions and donated the sum of one hundred dollars.

Later in the year four hundred and thirteen dollars was contributed to the Masonic Home Fund.

After considerable discussion and following the report of a special committee, the Lodge, at its October stated meeting, ordered the purchase of a beautiful floor covering that served very well for many years, adding to the beauty and lending a most hospitable atmosphere to the Lodge Room.

During the year the following members received the degrees:

Herman R. Alvey James Scott Felknor Chas. A. Martin
Claude M. Bennett Milton A. Loftin Art J. Probst
Orlie H. Condiff Harlan H. Kern Roland D. Armentrout
John C. Cenkner Roy Gene Howard Geo. E. Thompson
Oliver P. Throckmorton Carl T. Everett John W. Seymour
Gale E. Driver Harry C. Hubbard Ross A. Smith
Chas. J. Gard James A. Phillips Harry C. Hite
Geo. L. Dean Walter D. Jones Paul L. Huntsinger
Shirley D. Bishop Gerald P. Zimmer LeRoy Wm. Pollock
Ernest Fischer Wm. Emmet Earle Cecil A. Conn Earle
Chas. E. Trees

These brothers were admitted by affiliation:

Harry Addington Harold E. Thompson Raymond A. Wilson
John C. Dieter Morris E. Conly Kenneth R. Simms
Edward G. Schaub John R. Morris James E. Stallings