David W. Goldrick, eighteenth Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born in White County, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1881. He was the fourth of eight children – Lillie, Kate, Harry, David, Ralph, Oscar, Ruth, and Paul. His parents were Will and Mary Goldrick.

The family moved to Indianapolis when David was still a very small boy. His grade school education was received in school No. 32 located at 2lst and Illinois Streets. Following the completion of his common school work, he entered Manual Training High School from which institution he graduated.

Upon the completion of his educational training, David secured a position as clerk in the Indianapolis post office. He later left the Civil Service to enter the employ of Spann & Co., realtors. In this field of endeavor he was highly successful and eventually became Vice-President of his firm. He was also a member of the Indianapolis Real Estate Board.

On October 21, 1903, he was united in marriage to Clara Catherine Etelus and to them two boys were born, namely, Daniel David and Clarence Owen.

Brother Goldrick was elected to receive the degrees of Masonry in Broad Ripple Lodge on October 1, 1915. The Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred on October 15, the Fellow Craft Degree on October 22, and the Master Mason Degree on October 29. Brother David was also a member of the Chapter, R.A.M., the Council, R. & S. M., and the Order of Eastern Star. Following a period of service in the line of officers he was elected Worshipful Master of our Lodge for the year 1921. He was ever a true Mason in all his activities not only within the Lodge Room but also in his every day contacts. He served as Secretary of our Lodge during the years 1924, 1925, and 1926. It was during this latter year that he became ill and on December 2, 1926, was called to join the Great Brotherhood beyond. We shall ever remember him for his kind cheerful disposition and his faithful adherence to the tenets of our beloved Order.

Lodge Events of 1921

Dancing having received the sanction of the Lodge, several of the Brethren felt that card parties should also be permitted. A motion to this effect met with the same resistance as did dancing but the majority concurred in the motion when presented at the March stated meeting and the ban on this form of entertainment was raised.

A new Bible was purchased as well as robes for the E. A. and F. C. degrees which have added much to the impressiveness and dignity of these degrees.

In order to meet legal requirements and, at the same time, forestall future litigation relative thereto, the Lodge officially sanctioned the action of the Trustees in the sale of the acreage given the Lodge by Brother Mustard and a copy of the resolution was made a matter of record in the Marion County Recorder’s office.

It was during this year that a member of the Lodge was first appointed to represent it on the Relief Board, Brother G. Albert Lehman, P.M., receiving the appointment. He also served on the Masonic Hospital Investigating Committee.

An unusually large contribution was made to the Masonic Home during this administration. A total of $485.00 was sent this institution, $362.00 having been taken from the Charity Fund and $123.00 from the regular Home Fund. These amounts represented acontribution of $l.00 per member which then became standard.

Late in the year the private drive at the east end of the building was improved and a suitable east entrance to the Temple was included in this project.

Having added to its membership were the following:

By degrees:

John C. Riddle Verne K. Harvey Dallas A. Klepfer
Rueben Cohn Coy E. Gadberry Stanley B. Sheard
Orval E. Mehring Carl F. King Virgil A. Goodale
Fred M. Rauscher Edgar R. Bowen Carlin H. Smith
Herbert DeVault Burling Boaz, Jr. Burton E. Burgan
Bernard W. Bass Chas. E. Farmer Archie J. Cookerly
Albert Dorn Roscoe G. Garrett Carl A. Parr
George H. Bauman John Munro Scott L. Denny
Wm. C. Carter Irvan E. Taylor Robt. L. Chapman
Robt. L. Hubbard Henry L. Miles Geo. E. Cunningham
Byron B. Hinshaw Wm. A. Myers Alexander West, Jr.
Troxel M. Smith Guy E. Foltz Frank X. Kern
Einer J. Elton

By affliation:

Aquilla A. Moore Robt. F. DeVault Daird West
Adolph F. Schwinsburger Thaddus R. White Frank Brown