Alex Clark, seventeenth Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born in Scotland on February 5, 1890, the son of Arch and Jessie Clark. His early education, consisting of grade and high school courses, was received at the place of his birth.

At an early age, Alex made his home in Canada and later the United States where he was employed in the banking business. He was later connected with the Indianapolis branch of Kingan & Co. In the capacity of office manager. He was the father of three sons, Alex H., Fred A., and Jimmy C.

Brother Clark received his degrees in Broad Ripple Lodge having been Initiated April 16, 1915; Passed, April 23, 1915; and Raised April 30, 1915. He is a member of Broad Ripple Chapter R.A.M. and Indianapolis Council, R. & S. M. As a reward for outstanding work as a line officer, Brother Clark was chosen to guide the destinies of Broad Ripple Lodge during the year 1920. This he did with considerable credit.

Lodge Events of 1920

At various times during the year proposals were submitted to add additional floor space to our Temple or to revamp the layout, but each proposition was indefinitely postponed. However, the building was redecorated during the “dark” months of July and August.

Word reached the Lodge that the hall at the corner of 63rd and Bellefontaine streets could be purchased for $7500.00 or leased at $15.00 per month and several Brothers felt that the offer was attractive financially. The motion to purchase, however, was lost for lack of sufficient support.

The stereopticon lantern was given much needed repairs and a cabinet was purchased suitable for housing the slides used by the organizations which meet in the Temple.

Following a very heated discussion the matter of dancing in the dining room, which up to this time was not permitted, received the sanction of the majority of the members in attendance at the December stated meeting.

In conformity with previous practice, the annual charity supper and entertainment was held as usual.

Ritualistic activity was heightened during this particular year and a total of forty-seven new members were added through the conference of the degrees.

The members added by conferring the degrees in 1920 were:

Melvin H. Hays William Fleming Paul W. McComas
Frank Seidensticker Roy F. Cooke Edgar T. Lawrence
Chas. W. Clark Wm. J. Church Frank Osborn
Gideon Gemmer Arthur F. Gemmer Hiram C. Gemmer
Carl D. Spencer Don A. Day Maurice V. Dunlap
George G. Roetter Chas. B. Sunderland Alfred W. Todd
Paul C. Grimes John H. Olney Geo. V. Winings
Chas. VanMeter Elmer E. Hitchcock Roy J. Fitzgerald
Ralph E. Johnson Arthur F. Hess Othel L. Brant
Irving D. Hamilton Guy G. Aronhalt Claude V. Shelby
Leo George Wilson C. Allen Fred B. Hite
Arthur A. Cline Frank W. Hesler Alva W. Dodd
Frank H. Seay Wm. R. Todd Samuel D. Sampsell
Wilbur Lovinger Howard G. Christena James F. Neunan
Grant Engle Frank E. Trowbridge Elmer F. Rice
Byron C. Bellis Horace E. Snyder

Those added by affliation:

Robert St. Pierre William Mowat West David J. Pert
Roy S. Herrin Thomas J. Southern