At the age of sixteen, he came to the United States where he engaged in the outdoor advertising business. Two years later he moved to Indianapolis where the watch making and jewelry businesses were learned, in which he became actively engaged. On June 14, 1911, he was married to Florence Ellen McClure and to them two children were born. He was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.

Brother Mitchell was Initiated, March 19, 1915; Passed, March 26, 1915; and Raised to the Sublime Degree on April 30, 1915. All degrees were conferred in Broad Ripple Lodge. In the year 1918, the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry were conferred upon him by Broad Ripple Chapter. Brother Mitchell had the rare experience of serving “in the line” for a period of only four years prior to his service as Worshipful Master during the year 1919.

Lodge Events of 1919

Early in the year 1919, the rough and perfect ashlars now gracing the Master’s platform were purchased.

A motion to amend the By-Laws providing for an increase in the initiation fee to fifty dollars was regularly submitted and adopted.

Later in the year, the Trustees were instructed to pay off the second of two $500.00 notes executed two years previously.

On November 11, the Lodge journeyed to Franklin where Masonic Home Sunday was observed with appropriate services much enjoyed by the guests. The year’s activities were closed with the annual charity supper.

Those raised as Master Masons in 1919 were;

Frank L. Alford Alburn Amos Paul R. Arnold
Howard M. Benedict Clarence W. Bethuram James A. Burnside, Sr.
Wilbur Bonifield Eastland H. Caperton Wm. O. Dawson
Dale E. Eller Walter E. Evans Walter M. Evans
Ralph E. Finley Rolan H. Hiles Edwin Haverstick
Jewell M. Harbaugh Howland A. Johnson Earl A. Johnston
Arthur L. Leonard John W. Linthicum Wm. W. Monka
Walter G. Martz Harry 0. Morrison Arthur E. Nelson
Herman E. Nelson Chas. W. Parr Carl W. Pratt
Wm. T. Peacock Elmer J. Regula James K. Stephens
Geo. W. Sellers, Jr. Wm. A. Rooker Arthur H. McKee
Albert R. Worm Marion T. Whitsell Fred C. Smith
Frank W. Warfel

Those admitted by affiliation:

Thos. H. Kent Leslie W. Brumit Albert A. Miller
Frank D. VanArsdale George H. Thatcher