Edwin F. Burrows, fifteenth Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, was born in Trimble County, Kentucky on March 25, 1878. His early life was spent in Kentucky where he received his common school education later followed by one year at college.

As a young man he moved to Indianapolis where he accepted the position of paymaster for the firm of Kingan & Co. He was united in marriage to Delia M. Sigmon to which union one son, Robert D. Burrows, was born. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Brother Burrows was Initiated June 12, 1914; passed August 14, 1914, and raised August 28, 1914 in Broad Ripple Lodge and served as its Worshipful Master during the year 1918. On August 5, 1921 he was granted a demit that he might transfer his membership to one of our neighboring Lodges.

Lodge Events of 1918

The amount of work in connection with the Secretary’s office having increased to a considerable extent by the rapid addition of new members it was felt that the compensation should be raised. The figure was established at $100.00 per year.

The Lodge journed to Franklin, Indiana on Sunday May 26 where a Sunday Service for the guests was conducted by the Brethren.

This being the year in which our country was involved in the World War, the Lodge appointed a committee to keep in touch with its members enrolled in the Service and from time to time purchased Liberty Bonds to assist in the financing of military operations.

On September 6, the membership present at the stated meeting voted to amend the by-laws to provide for an increase in the annual dues, from four to five dollars. This action was necessary in order to meet the increasing expenses necessary to carry on the work of the Lodge.

The members raised to the Master Mason degree in 1918 were:

Frederick C. Warfel Oliver Lawrence Hinshaw Coleel D. Peck
Elmer H. Brubaker Joseph B. Coull Willis H. Moulton
Jerome Matillo Huron F. Smith Allen E. Wamsley
Adelbert B. Keaton George H. Moffitt Joseph T. Ratcliffe
Harry C. Weist Francis H. Johnson Paul H. Talbott
Chas. M. Stephenson Clinton A. Bowen Oscar D. Harvey
Francis V. Rice John H. Herring