John W. Ferguson, eleventh Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, the son of John S. and Sarah Ferguson, was born October 26, 1858. The other members of the family were Mary and Margaret, sisters; and Thomas and Joseph, brothers. He received his education in the common school located in Franklin Township, Marion County, Indiana.

As a young man he worked as a thresherman and engaged in farming. At the age of thirty-six he came to Broad Ripple where he was successively engaged in the saw mill, feed mill, coal yard and threshing businesses covering a period of some forty years. He was married to Candace Robers which union was blessed with three daughters, Marcia, Leona, and Louise. He passed away on September 16, 1928, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Indiana.

Brother Ferguson was initiated December 13, 1907; passed December 31, 1907; and raised January 30, 1908 in Broad Ripple Lodge. His first degrees were conferred in the old Masonic hall and he enjoyed the distinction of being the first candidate to receive his Master Mason degree in the then new Temple on Bellefontaine Street (now Guilford Avenue). He received the highest honor conferred by his Lodge and served as its Worshipful Master during the year 1914.

He was considered an excellent mechanic and engineer and was held in high esteem by those who knew him because of his pleasing personality and his record as a good citizen of high moral character.

Lodge Events of 1914

On January 10, the Lodge journeyed to Carmel Lodge No. 421 and there conferred the Master Mason degree on two of their candidates. They later accepted an invitation to visit with our sister Lodge, Millersville, where they participated in the conferring of the Third Degree much to the enjoyment of our members who made the trip.

At the May stated meeting the Treasurer was instructed to insure the furniture of the Lodge in the amount of two thousand dollars. The value of the physical assets of the Lodge had grown and the membership felt the need for adequate protection.

As the Lodge expanded its sphere of action, a controversy arose among some of our sister Lodges and ourselves as to the boundaries over which we had jurisdiction. So heated did the question become that a committee of Past Masters was appointed late in the year to present the matter before the Grand Lodge for a decision. The boundaries were definitely set forth and we were advised that our Lodge could demand the initiation fee from those who had entered our territory and secured candidates to which they were not lawfully entitled. Refusal to remit such fees to us would result in revocation of the charters of Lodges so found guilty.

The year was closed with a charity supper and entertainment, an event which had come to be regarded as a regular annual affair.

The brothers who received their degrees in 1914 were:

Harry F. Bacon Jas. S. Bray Chas. E. Brueckner
Edwin F. Burrows Earl B. Campbell Clifford Cox
Chas. C. Cring Geo. T. Deford John Eubank
Howard M. Haverstick Roy C. Harvey Fred W. Long
Claude L. McKee Wm. H. Paine Jesse W. Potter
Roger A. Risley Bert E. St. Clair Taylor Stewart
Chas. W. Sweny James L. Wells Chas. P. Wright