Elmore H. Pursel, tenth Master of Broad Ripple Lodge, and the son of Oliver Johnson and Joanna Pursel was born May 9, 1869 on a farm located one-half mile east of Nora and in Marion County. It was here that his early years were spent during which period he attended common school and one year in high school. He later moved to Indianapolis where he practiced Salesmanship as a means of livelihood.

He was married to Nellie J. Gresh to which union were born two children, Harold C. and Eugene H. Pursel. He is a member of the Broad Ripple Methodist Church.

Brother Elmore received his degrees of Masonry in Millersville Lodge No. 126 having been raised to the Sublime Degree on March 20, 1902. Realizing the possibilities of the then newly chartered Broad Ripple Lodge, Brother Pursel transferred his membership with us on July 18 of the same year. In recognition of his interest in our Lodge, he was elected to the office of Worshipful Master for the year 1913.

Lodge Events of 1913

One cannot turn back the pages of History to the year nineteen hundred and thirteen without vividly recalling the turbulent waters that played such havoc at various points about Indianapolis and the Central States. Broad Ripple was particularly unfortunate and the need for assistance was great.

Displaying that spirit of true Brotherhood, for which our Order so firmly stands, the Lodge set about to render assistance toward the relief of the distressed. The doors of the Temple were thrown open to those made homeless and for a period of about two weeks, food and shelter were provided the victims of that powerful destructive flood which ravaged the vicinity and left suffering in its wake both here and elsewhere. Many will long remember the warm hand of fellowship, of sympathy, and of hospitality that was extended them in their hour of need by Broad Ripple Lodge.

The minutes tell us that it was during this year that the Broad Ripple Chapter of the Eastern Star, meeting in our Temple, was first assessed a rental of fifty dollars per annum. This amount established at that time, remained effective until 1932, when the fee was placed on a per capita basis.

The additions to the Lodge this year were the following:

Raised as Master Masons:

Claude F. Myers Chas. Jennings Grover C. Parr
Walter C. Logan Homer Smay James M. Price
Otis C. Bennett Edward E. Privett Wm. Adolph Bonifield
Murvin Russell Edward F. Earl Edwin E. Temperly
Wm. Amos Fisher Clinton S. Wallace Edgar G. Grimes
Karl T. Whitney Perry Hinshaw Homer H. Negley

Affiliated: Louis M. Ketcham and Adolph H. Schmidt