At the July stated meeting, the trustees were ordered to rent space on the second floor of the Temple to the Township Trustee for school class room purposes at a monthly rental of forty dollars. Needless to say this revenue was a most welcome addition to the income of the Lodge at this particular time.

After considerable discussion, the Lodge established the rental of the Eastern Star Chapter at seventy cents per capita, payable semi-annually. This arrangement was to become effective August 1st and to remain in effect for one year.

Some difficulties having arisen in the handling of its mail, a box was rented at the Post Office to assist in its safe keeping.

Following the election of officers, they were inducted into office together with those of the Order of the Eastern Star at a joint installation to which the general public was invited.

The records of the Lodge reveal that on December 31, an entertainment was held in the social room to raise finances for charity purposes. An outside amusement organization was engaged for this event and a very enjoyable performance was presented for those in attendance. The proceeds from this venture were placed to the credit of the relief fund of the Lodge.

The members raised in this year were:

Horace O. Bennett Chas. W. Kesler Wm. Harding
Ferdinand Landgraff James N. Hooper Mason B. Light
George C. Iske Wm. M. McGuire Edward Reinken

Admitted to membership by affiliation: Harold E. Arnold