Feeling that the duties of our Tyler required his presence at so many meetings and gatherings and that his task was most uninteresting, the members decided that some remuneration should be paid him. In regular order, therefore, the By-Laws were accordingly amended so as to award this office the sum of twelve dollars annually. Some of the Brethren submitted a proposal that a change be made in the water system, which recommendation was concurred in by the membership and the changes were accordingly made.

On December 31, a charity supper was given in the dining room for the benefit of the relief fund.

The new membership record for the year was:

Raised as Master Masons:

Noel Smallwood, Jr. August W. Brink Walter F. Bennett
Albert Harry Johnson George A. Brattain Carl H. Buddenbaum
Roy Parsley Richard A. Gahr John Arthur Gaisford
Benjamin L. Myers Chester F. Kiser Paul E. Heaton
Wm. M. Stephenson

Elected to membership by affiliation: A. B. Rodibaugh