Schofield House Pilgrimage

We have again made our pilgrimage down to Madison Indiana to station our youngest Entered Apprentice in the northeast corner of our first Grand Lodge, Schofield House.  Brothers traveled from great distances to join us in this great and good work.  WB Bill Lane, curator of the establishment, welcomed the brothers of Broad Ripple Lodge #643 with great affability and historical remembrance.

Schofield HouseThe Schofield House, also known as the Lanier-Schofield House, is an historic building located in the Madison Historic District of Madison, Indiana in 1817.  On January 13, 1818 fourteen Masons throughout Indiana met at the upstairs meeting room, after agreeing to establish a Grand Lodge for Indiana. Alexander Lanier was himself a Freemason, and his newly built tavern could support a lodge room being set up in the upstairs meeting room. It was here that the constitution to start the Grand Lodge of Indiana was approved, and five lodges from Indiana demitted from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky to form the initial lodges of the Grand Lodge of Indiana

“Entered Apprentices served their Master in former times, and should in modern times, with Freedom, Fervency and Zeal, represented by Chalk, Charcoal, and Clay.  Because there is nothing freer than Chalk, which, upon the slightest touch, leaves a trace behind, nothing more fervent than Charcoal, to which, when properly lighted, the most obdurate metal will yield, nothing more Zealous than Clay, or mother earth, which is constantly employed for man’s use, and is an emblem to remind us that as from It we came, so to it we must also return.” Indiana Monitor and Freemason’s Guide



Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F&AM

Bro Steve Mayflower

Bro Steve Mayflower

I came to Masonry as a way to meet some new friends. But in a short time, my new Brothers and the Lodge became a very important part of my life. The men I admire the most are my Masonic Brothers.

WB Arlie Hartman

Past Master Arlie Hartman

Where fun and fellowship is had by good men.

WB Jacob Mann

Past Master WB Jacob Mann

Broad Ripple Lodge taught me how quickly men can become close friends, and form lifelong bonds. I feel I’ve known many of my fellow masons for a much longer time than I have actually been involved.

WB Brian Ross

Worshipful Master Brian Ross

An excellent place to find some good and true life long friends.

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Blood Sport at Broad Ripple Lodge!

Enjoy a night of food, games, and donate blood to the American Red Cross! Open to all Masons, friends, and spouses. Thursday, August 18th Dinner and snacks at 6:30 PM Games begin at 7:15 PM Feel free to bring your favorite games. Please help by signing up for the...

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

Why I Became a Worshipful Master

I joined a Masonic lodge to make new friends. In this day and age it can be difficult to develop constant predictable relationships with other people. In my life it seemed like every time I made a friend they ended up moving away, I lost interest or they were just too...

Master’s Welcome to 2022

Master’s Welcome to 2022

I want to welcome you to our website. I became a member of this lodge in an effort to connect with decent people. You will find good fellowship in our lodge.  –WM Ross